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Lifestyle (Yearly Contract)

Tironook School of Wrestling lifestyle yearly membership is open to all wrestlers’ Pre-k & up. Yearly membership runs one year from the day you attend your first practice session. Membership fee includes full gym benefits and access to the TSOW training facility when needed. The Tironook School of Wrestling coaches have high expectations for all our wrestlers, as we strive to make every wrestler in our room better on and off the mat. All members are strongly encouraged to attend regularly scheduled practices, as each practice builds upon the previous sessions and any absences hurt practice partners. We live by the motto: “There’s no secret to the top, it’s about out-working everyone else on the way up”.  If you’re ready to take that next BIG JUMP to really work to become better and earn your spot at the top of the podium, then become a TSOW yearly member.

  • Competition Season Length (Folkstyle & Freestyle): October 2nd, 2017 – May 10th 2018
  • Registration Begins: Year-Round
  • Registration Ends: N/A
    • Note: The Folk-Style club gear order will be placed September 1st, 2017. Once the order is placed, it will take approximately 6 weeks for all the gear to be completed and shipped to us. If you’re planning to compete on the Tironook Titan club team, it will be vital that you register during the month of August so that we can assure that your gear is delivered to you by the first tournament (Oct. 7th, 2017). Those who register in August will be on the September 1st gear order list. If you miss the August registration deadline, you must wait until the next gear order is placed, which will be December 1st, 2017.
  • Ages: 4-18 (Pre-K – High School)
  • Membership Cost: $600/year - $50/month (contract)
    • Paid in full discount: 10% off – Total of $540
    • Additional Sibling Discount: 10% off – Total for both wrestlers $1140
    • Additional Sibling Discount/Paid in full: 10% off – Total for both wrestlers $1,026
  • Benefits:
    • Complete gym access
    • 50% off on all Adidas Wrestling apparel
    • Discounts on all camps & clinics
    • Locker room access with locker
    • Practice laundry service
    • Practice shirt & short
    • And more
  • Contract Details: 12-month contract
    • The first month fee ($50) and a 3-months ($150) deposit will be due prior to the first practice session (Total due: $200)
    • The 3-months deposit will be credited towards the final 3 months of the contract
    • A member will forfeit all deposit if the contract is broken, if a member is dismissed due to disciplinary reasons or if a member decides to leave/cancel their contract prior to the final 3-month period of the contract
    • Automatic Payment is Required for all yearly contracts
  • What you’ll need for every practice: Clean shirt & shorts, head gear, wrestling shoes and water bottle.

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