Tironook looks to put together a high level training camp to prepare wrestlers for the Southern Plains Regional Championship

With summer wrestling national tournaments approaching, Tironook wants to do its part in making sure athletes are prepared for what’s to come when facing national competition. “Looking back, I would have loved to have camps like this. To get the opportunity to train with other wrestlers in the state that have the same goals you do really sets a high standard on a personal level” says Head Coach Tyrone Lewis. “The goal for all of our Prep Camps is to get some of the very best wrestlers in Oklahoma that are training for national competitions to come in and train together at a very high level”. For anyone who has participated in one of these high intensity Prep Camp training sessions, they know all to well what to expect, and the expectation is to get prepared.

If you’re interested in training with us for the upcoming Southern Plains Prep Camp, just contact Coach Lewis via email and he will send you the registration link. It is imperative that wrestlers come to camp in adequate physical condition. Practice sessions will be structured and held at a challenging high pace (in other words, it will be tough).