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Tironook Wrestling is a great place for children to learn everyday life lessons that they’ll be able to take with them for the remainder of their lives.  Here at Tironook we express the true value of hard work and respect for others. Each child will train with a group of soon-to-be friends who will be making the year-round commitment to train alongside coaches and athletes, who are too making the same commitment to become champions on and off the mat. 

  1. Wrestling provides a positive outlet for all students, especially energetic boys and girls.
  2. Wrestling is an individual sport, but also has a team component, and still teaches teamwork and the importance of working together.
  3. It is one of the few sports where a child’s foot speed, ball-handling skills, hand-eye coordination, and size do not matter. There is room for everyone and wrestlers only compete against others in a similar weight class.
  4. Your kid will love how it feels to conquer an opponent using their skill and their training, rather than just their brawn.
  5. Wrestling will help teach discipline, self-confidence and inner strength to overcome obstacles.
  6. Wrestling competitively is tough but teaches empathy and a respect for others at a young age.
  7. The kinesiology of wrestling helps improve flexibility, mobility and strength, “healthy body, healthy mind”.
The most unique wrestling training in Oklahoma. 


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Our camp staff harvests years of incomparable experience, ranging from the collegiate arena to Olympic settings. 

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Passion makes them wrestlers, we help make them champions.


Our purpose is to connect you with the right clinic whether you are looking to Get Started or Get Better. 


Tironook is a universal training facility helping wrestlers maximize their athletic potential in all areas. 

                       what is WRESTLING?

 Wrestling is a sport of individual participation functioning within the framework of a team concept.  This aspect contributes to the development of life long patterns of responsible behaviors including self-discipline, the ability to set goals and achieve them, and respect for others.  A young person involved in wrestling can be expected to display increasing self-confidence and appreciation of their own self-worth.  


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We specialize in promoting the sport of wrestling and developing wrestlers by implementing college combine camps, tournament prep camps, basic skills camps, Private lessons, film analysis, and clinics throughout the year. with our competitive pricing, we believe that our system is second to none. 

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Our camp staff harvests years of incomparable experience, ranging from the collegiate arena to Olympic settings. Clinicians have competed and worked with athletes of every grade and skill level, so they deliver expert instruction in their area of focus. Each of our camp clinicians are hand-picked to specialize in superb technique, precision, work ethic, conditionin, and leadership which coincides with our vision at Tironook School of Wrestling.

Tyrone Lewis

Head Coach/Founder

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Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach

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