What is TSOW

Tironook School of Wrestling is a place for any wrestler who is looking to make the year round commitment to train alongside coaches and athletes, who are too making the same commitment to become champions on and off the mat. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of TSOW is to serve wrestlers of all ages and skill levels within the wrestling community, while making an impact on each wrestlers life to cultivate them into champions of tomorrow.

Our Mission

The mission for TSOW is to be the very best wrestling club and training facility throughout the state of Oklahoma and provide our wrestlers with a positive and encouraging training environment. 

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Enroll for the upcoming Folk-style wrestling season today!!!
Enroll for the upcoming Folk-style wrestling season today!!! TO ENROLL NOW!!!  
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With the 2017-2018 wrestling season upon us, now is a good time to get signed up and begin your quest
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TSOW Fundraising Donation Drive
Dear Potential Sponsor: Join the Team! Tironook School of Wrestling is seeking sponsorship donations for its upcoming 2017-2018 season (October
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Youth Summer Fitness
If you’re looking to keep your child involved in some sort of physical activity throughout the summer, then the TASC
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Progress Faster with Private Lessons
Because private lessons are typically taught one-to-one or two-to-one, your coach will have a lot more time to work with
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Private Lessons
Private lessons are designed for wrestlers of all ages and skill levels. Working in a one-on-one or small group session
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